Need a demo reel or want to add to your existing demo reel?

Take your acting career to the next level!

First impressions are everything, and it is important to have a Demo Reel that a CD, Agent or Manager can look at in 90 seconds and say, “I need to meet this actor!”

Our reel service is a comprehensive process of creating original material that showcases your work as an actor on film.

We will work with you one on one to help you capture the essence of the characters and types you are hoping to be seen for.

Our service includes:

*Consultation with director and writer. *Rehearse, direct, and schedule shoots.

Post-Production: Edited by feature film editor, Color Correction, Music Selection, Sound Mix, Sound Design, Unique titles, graphics, branding, Delivery in typical digital formats with conversions.

*Exporting of reel in a web-ready format- (LA Casting + Actors Access)

Demo Reel Service Includes:

You will receive 2 fully produced, “episodic quality” 30 second scenes to add to your demo reel. We will help you choose and prepare the right material that will showcase your acting strengths and uniqueness. If you can’t find the right material, we will custom write a scene specifically for you! Once your material is chosen, we will schedule a shoot.

**Please note that the Demo Reel Course is not an acting class.

Tuition $650

Hair + Make-Up is an upcharge

*1 day may be shot on location

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Or call 310-392-0815 or email:

2437 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405