Agenzia di Sfidanzamento

The QUASI ITALIANI theater show group (almost Italian) works together since 2014.  Created by Luisa Da Re is composed by all American actors and actresses with a huge passion for the Italian culture, in fact the play is entirely  act in Italian language. Theater show in Los Angeles. 
Agenzia di Sfidanzamento is three acts comedy, almost a musical, it is an hilarious and brilliant story (good even for kids) about some misunderstanding situation, with the main actor (Frank Matcha as Annibale Rubizzi) who’s very penny pincher and the two employees in love each other.
It is a happy ending story.
The running time will be around 40 min. and after the show a huge buffet for everyone will be offered. Tickets to theatre.
Frank Matcha as Annibale Rubizzi – Office’s owner
Toby Rodriguez as  Alfonso Biasini – Costumer
Rita Bruce as Annetta Fortis      Alfonso’s fiancee
Alison Anderson as Nella Fortis -Annetta’s mother
Tonie Schulz as Martina Bianco – Employee
Nicola Cagliata as Ruggero Nicoletti – Employee
TIberio Carlucci as Salvatore Lipari – Costumer
John Buffalo as Cupid – Singer
Music by Giacomo Lamparelli
Written and Directed by Luisa Da Re